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Years of creating has left me surrounded by things, and this site is an attempt to set free those which I feel are fit to leave the house.

Art is a form of communication: when your work is hidden you are talking to yourself.

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From the Orchard St house, Spring 2013

The Dream of Charles Allis

The Dream of Charles Allis from Alexander Boyes on Vimeo.

An installation for the Charles Allis Museum's 100th anniversary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Audio/sound design and video projection by Alexander Boyes
Castings, graphite, found objects, photographs by Martha Glowacki

Located in the former bedroom of Charles Allis, first president of the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, the Dream of Charles Allis recalls the hum of industrial production that may have echoed through his mind as he drifted off to sleep, transposed to present day where nature has begun to reclaim the cavernous factory spaces that 100 years ago were bustling with human activity.

Multichannel soundscape created from recordings captured in the former Pabst brewery bottling plant in downtown Milwaukee in 2011.

Projection through factory glass panels created with video footage courtesy of WC Tank.

Video for "Cold Sun", by Midnight On Pearl Beach

Official video for "Cold Sun" by Midnight On Pearl Beach, off the album "Lamplighter" available at

Cold Sun by Midnight On Pearl Beach from Alexander Boyes on Vimeo.

Director / Camera / Editor / Lion: Alexander Boyes
Concept / Co-Writer / Traveler / Songwriter: Justin Jahnke
Additional Camera: Laura Spencer
Additional Camera & Drummer/Moon: Christy Biermier
Shark: Rusty Lee
Guitarist: Erin Liljebier

Shot over two days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA with a Canon T1i and Magic Lantern firmware. Basically Justin and I drank a bunch of coffee at Alterra and brainstormed the basic plot, mapping out locations based on sections of the song, then spent the next two days shooting various adventures. Most clips were left as shot, with a few time adjustments and minimal color correction.

Untitled (Landscape No. 4)

Acrylic on canvas - 2010

MIAD Halloween Party - 2 color screen print

2 color 36"x19" screen print. Poster design for MIAD's 2011 Halloween party at Discovery World.

The Only Constant is Change (Part 3)

42" x 16" Acrylic on canvas - 2010

John the Savage - Kitchen Voodoo

Recorded mostly live in a week at Darling Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Buy the album directly from them at

Built to Spill - Live at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - July 23rd 2010

Individual stage and room microphones captured live, mixing and mastering in post.

Doug Martsch: Guitars, Vocals
Brett Netson: Guitars
Jim Roth: Guitars
Brett Nelson: Bass Guitar
Scott Plouf: Drums

Download all tracks in Apple Lossless format here:

Listen to 320Kbps MP3's (Lame encoded) below:


Created October 2010


Everything's going to be alright.

Created August 2010

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